Shareholders are given equal voting rights according to the type and number of stocks they hold. All shareholders are entitled to one vote per share based on common stock. In order not to infringe on the voting right, which is the inherent right of shareholders, as stipulated by the Commercial Act and related laws, we are actively working to guarantee shareholders' fair voting rights. In addition, we are striving to provide shareholders with sufficient corporate information in a timely and equitable manner, in principle, on the day of disclosure of important resolutions made by the Board of Directors.

Stock Holders - Common Stock

Current state of affairs about CJ CheilJedang’s stakeholders and major stockholders.
Major Stockholders Common Stock Ownership(%)
CJ Corp. 6,707,016 44.6
Lee Jay Hyun  70,931 0.5
Sohn Kyung Shik 5,500 0.0
Kim Gyo Sook 5,491 0.0
Lee Kyeong Hoo 22,015 0.1
CJ Welfare Foundation 30,351 0.2
CJ Cultural Foundation 7,844 0.1
Treasury shares 357,303 2.4
Foreign investors 3,530,735 23.5
Others 4,317,000 28.7
Sum 15,054,186 100.0
*Ownership is based on common stock only, Dec. 31, 2022
주주구성 파이차트

Major shareholders of CJ Corp.

Dec. 31, 2022 (Unit : Stocks)

성명, 보통주식주, 지분율(%)에 대한 최대주주의 주요주주를 나타내는 표
Name Total Stock Ownership(%)
Lee Jay Hyun 12,275,574 42.1
Kim Gyo Sook 10,013 0.0
Lee Kyeong Hoo 428,088 1.5
Lee Sun Ho 932,503 3.2
CJ Welfare Foundation 164,004 0.6
CJ Culture Foundation 125,681 0.4
Choi Eun Seok 3,750 0.0
Kang Sin Ho 5,000 0.0
Sum 13,944,613 47.1
*Ownership is based on common stock only, Dec. 31, 2022