Shareholder Proposal Process

According to the Clause 2 of Article 363 and Clause 6 of Article 542 of the Commercial Act, shareholders can propose agendas through documents or e-paper six weeks before the shareholders’ meeting (the same day of previous general shareholders’ meeting in case of general shareholders’ meeting).
- Shareholders who have at least 0.3% voting share ownership
- Shareholders who have at least 0.5% voting share ownership for more six months
The BOD should put the agendas on the table at the shareholders’ meeting and specify them on the notification of convocation, excluding those violate laws or the articles of association or are applicable to reasons for refusal of the Article 12 of the Enforcement Decree of the Commercial Act. In case of proposers’ request, major contents are specified on the notification and they have opportunities for explaining agendas at the shareholders’ meeting.