The 16th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of CJ CheilJedang

Shares present at the meeting: 12,078,896 (Attendance rate: 82.19%¹)

의안,부의 안건,찬성률에 대한 연도별 정기주주총회을 나타내는 표
Agenda Approval rate
Agenda 1 Approval of Financial Statements for the 16th Fiscal Year (January 1, 2022-December 31, 2022) 93.29%
Agenda 2 Approval of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation 99.94%
Agenda 3-1 Election of Internal Director (Eun Seok Choi) 93.68%
Agenda 3-2 Election of Independent Director (Jung Hwan Yoon) 96.71%
Agenda 4 Election of Audit Committee Member (Jung Hwan Yoon) 92.00%
Agenda 5 Approval of Total Remuneration of Directors 85.15%
* Shares present: the total number of shares with voting rights represented at the meeting (based on Agenda 1) (The number of shares with voting rights differs on application of legislations pertaining to agendas thereby differing shares present.)
¹ Largest shareholder and related parties: 46.27%, other shareholders: 35.92%